SS Great Britain Fire and Iron

SS Great Britain

Fire and iron

Short film promoting SSGB’s live forging demonstrations

SS Great Britain ran a Fire and Iron Festival during the Easter holidays. The festival was a celebration of the blacksmiths that built Brunel’s great ship and involved bringing some historic-style forging to their courtyard. They asked if we could create a short eye-catching film to raise awareness and increase engagement.

We know love is a strong word but we’re unapologetically passionate and we loved this project; it’s mesmerising to watch the blacksmiths at work.

The slow-motion cameras felt like a great way to give the audience that unique and captivating look at how the chains were forged. The flying sparks from the metal were seriously impressive and perfect for the scroll-stopping content we wanted to create.

We are always hugely impressed with the work they do. Not only do they make beautiful video content, but they work to unearth the story behind the image

Dominic Rowe, PR & Marketing Manager

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